Thursday, July 5, 2012

Caught masturbating with a teddy bear - for the fourth time

Charles Marshall, 28, of Cincinnati, Ohio was arrested FOUR THE FOURTH TIME for having sex with a teddy bear in public, The Daily Mail reports. No word on whether it was the same teddy bear. God, I hope it wasn't Pooh or Paddington. Teddy Ruxpin, maybe, just to hear what he'd have to say about it, but not Pooh or Paddington! One wonders if the Build-a-Bear in Cincinnati has a restraining order against him.

What I don't get it the guy is obviously a specialist. You have your garden variety furries, you have people who get off on having sex in public, but having sex with teddy bears in public is quite the niche. If he had any business sense he'd be doing this on the web and probably make at least enough to get his bear(s) dry cleaned. Some people just never get the hang of capitalism.