Saturday, January 28, 2012

Man buries fiance alive because he's 'bored with her'

  Since I wrote Crazy Little Thing: Why Love and Sex Drive Us Mad  I see stories every day that are perfect fodder for the "What the hell were you thinking" Olympics. On this blog I plan to catalog the craziest of the crazy, along with crazy celebrity love stories (though real people are a lot crazier, probably because they have less to lose) and some of the neuroscience and psychology of what makes us do the things we do over romance.  (This blog is separate from my personal/professional blog Liz Langley: Mind, Booty & Spirit)
       Of the lot I've collected, the blue-ribbon loony tune is the one wherein Marcin Kasprzak buried his fiance Michelina Lewandowska alive because he was 'bored with her.' (link from the UK Sun) The two had a child together.
     Now I know many people are terrified of break-up scenes, the guilt, the tears, the recriminations but this is a new and subhuman low in avoidance. Kasprzak buried Lewandowska in a cardboard computer box after tasing and binding her with the help of a friend and buried her off a golf course with a heavy tree branch on top of the shallow grave. Lewandowska thought of their three year-old son and clawed her way out...with her engagement ring. 
       "It's mind-numbingly awful to imagine the sort of death you intended her to die," the Judge Peter Collier at the Leeds Crown Court told  Kasprzak when he sentenced him to 20 years in prison, says ABC News.
       And no, this does not make text message and Facebook break-ups look good by comparison. They're still cowardly and fate will get you for them. 

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