Tuesday, February 14, 2012

5% would divorce for the chance to work at home

Happy Freaking Valentines Day: The Grindstone reports that 5% people would give up their spouses in order for the opportunity to work at home, according to a survey by TeamViewer. Now that's a low percentage and a lot more people would give up things like chocolate (29%) and daily showers (12%) but it goes a long way to say two things:  

    a) Our hatred of commuting - and communing - is pretty strong. No surprise, really. Sartre wisely said "Hell is other people," and where are other people? Well, there's a lot fewer of them at your house than there are at Starbucks, in traffic (see left: ew) or at your workplace.

    b) there are people - few, but in evidence - who would drop their sacred bond like it was a rabid mouse if it meant the chance to work in dirtysweat pants. And that's just the ones that answered the survey.

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