Monday, February 13, 2012

Real life corpse bride: Man marries dead girlfriend in joint wedding/funeral

     Okay, if this doesn't bring a tear to your eye you need to have your ducts flushed.
     The Huffington Post reported in January on the sad case of Chadil Deffy of Thailand whose girlfriend had wanted to get married. Deffy put off the wedding but the young man wanted to focus on his education, as many do, before getting hitched. Unfortunately the young lady, Sarinya "Anne" Kamsook died in an accident, a car wreck, reports the Pattaya Daily News.. The Thai-ASEAN News Network reports they had been together for 10 years. So Deffy married her in a combination wedding / funeral ceremony. HuffPo reported that the groom said he followed through with the wedding out of guilt and a feeling of not having done enough for Kamsook while she was alive.
      Sob-inducing? Absolutely. But I'm not 100% sure this should make people run out and get married or take otherwise big steps they're not ready to take. There are a lot of small ways to let someone know you love them...concentrate on those and they'll get the message.
(Photo from Thai-ASEAN News Network)

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