Monday, February 13, 2012

Some people just don't know where their towel is

The Northwest Florida Daily News reports that a man in Niceville, FL was arrested after hitting his girlfriend in the face with a towel and allegedly throwing things at her as she slept - the towel woke her. He says she 'was nagging him;' he threw the towel to 'shut her up'. She felt unsafe and called the police.
    If a partner is throwing things and it's not in a playful, let's-have-a-pillow-fight way but in an argument you have every right to call the cops - they're there for your protection. "It was just a towel," the guy said, but check out this video, from the Palm Beach Post of a Florida basketball player getting a towel-related groin injury on the court.
      I've been to Niceville. It's nice. If you go there, keep your towel to yourself.

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